Frédéric Cossais


Group CFO, including M&A, IT, Financing, for over 15 years. Various environments: large US industrial groups, mid-caps, Family office. Education: Centrale Paris + Sorbonne. Recognized expertise:

  • Build, structure (from startup to group), integrate acquisitions: pedagogy, vision on processes, lead teams.
  • Optimize -> drive change. Pilot and carry out structuring projects: ERP, CSP, Industrial Control…
  • Crisis management (good resistance to stress): soothe, manage, factual action plan, negotiate with financial partners (shareholder and operational vision), debt renegotiation.

References: Procter & Gamble, Crown, Conforama, EuroDisney, Goodrich (UTAS), Segula, Litwin, DPAM, Maison Halley wine & spirits (Family office), Lacelier (VFB Lingerie).

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