Why us?

Amadeus-Executives offers a new approach to Interim Management which provides significant added value for client companies.

Amadeus-Executives has gathered expertise in over 500 assignments, representing more than 1,000 years of experience.

Constant exchanges among members, support teams for our managers in operation, as well as permanent committees and workshops allow us to continuously improve and build our common know-how.

Our commitment

  • Direct access to interim managers,
  • Shared values and ethics with regard to Interim Management,
  • Support team: a network of skills,
  • Amadeus Executives conduct assignments in all types of situations,
  • Mutual support and constant exchanges among members,
  • Confidentiality of information is guaranteed.

Our skills

A wide range of experience

Professional experience of Amadeus Executives members covers all possible issues:

  • General management,
  • Operational, sales & marketing and production management,
  • International management.,
  • Support management (finance, HR, IT, supply chain…).

In many sectors of activity

Consumer goods, healthcare, food & drinks, car industry, NTEC, chemical industry, paper & packaging, services, leisure, tourism, hotel, media, communication, transport & logistics, cosmetics industry, etc…

High level executives

  • Postgraduate education: Engineering, MBAs, Executive MBA,
  • Over 20 years of experience,
  • Board and Executive Committee experience.

Amadeus Executives offers you more

Direct access to our managers

All members of Amadeus Executives are interim managers, thus ensuring direct contact between customers and managers, with no intermediaries.

Benefit from a shared philosophy of Interim Management

All members of Amadeus Executives are committed to interim management as a way of life, allowing them to remain independent and neutral.

Redynamisation-d'entreprisesAmadeus Executives selects their managers by a unique cooptation process. They are all highly qualified professionals, operational managers and often entrepreneurs. They are strong characters looking for challenges. Most of all, they are motivated by results, not by power games. They are often natural leaders who nevertheless appreciate working within a network.

For Amadeus Executives, the success of an assignment depends as much on the ability of the interim manager to be at the service of the “client business” as on their ability to support the “client manager”. It is essential to meet the objectives set, but it is equally important to become a true partner.

A member of Amadeus Executives only accepts assignments for which their skills give them a very strong likelihood of success. This is essential because, as a member of the association, they are both guardian of and jointly responsible for the reputation of all the members, which is not the case of service providers employed by traditional Interim Management companies.

Benefit from a range of skills provided by a support team

Before accepting an assignment, a member of Amadeus Executives sets up a multidisciplinary support team, composed of other senior managers, members of the association, on whose expertise they can call during their assignment, either to deal with specific problems, or, more simply, as a sounding board allowing them to validate their diagnoses and action plans.

Regardless of your type of business or your business sector, Amadeus Executives can provide you with a solution

The diversity of experience and education required by Amadeus Executives in its recruitment of manager members means that it can deal with Interim Management in:

  • All sizes of business, from small firms to big international groups,
  • All functions at board level or at the general management level of the operational unit,
  • all types of sectors and industries,
  • In France or abroad.

We support and communicate with each other constantly for greater efficiency

Working as part of a network is at the very heart of Amadeus Executives philosophy. This team approach includes supporting the manager on assignment, prospecting and before-sales service, as well as sharing methods and best practices. Amadeus Executives Managers are not “mercenaries” waiting for an Interim Management company to hire them for an assignment. They seek out assignments themselves, in the name and for the benefit of all the members of the Association.

We guarantee the confidentiality of your information

When the Executive interim Manager is on assignment they often finds themselves in possession of sensitive information about their client. Complete confidentiality is the golden rule here. This commitment to confidentiality is explicitly confirmed in a clause in the contract.