Charter of Amadeus Executives

Amadeus Executives and its members define themselves as

  • An association grouping together Senior interim Executive Managers,
  • A structure of exchange, co-operation and professional mutual support,
  • A system for training, information and monitoring of the economy,
  • A resource where members, having specialized skills and diverse high level management experience (N and N-1), seek to provide companies with their expertise in situations of emergency, transition or change,
  • The ability to access all available expertise through the various Members of the association,
  • A wish for each member to work together.

By joining the Association Amadeus Executives each member commits to:

Ensure transparency and straight talking

  • Only accept assignments for which one’s skills are recognized,
  • Share with the other members the setting up and progress of one’s projects through regular information and with no ulterior motive,
  • Fully assume one’s role as Sponsor in new member integration,
  • Respond promptly to all requests for assistance from a member colleague on assignment,
  • Take an active role in the life and development of the Association (meetings, committees, appointments …),
  • Inform the other Members of opportunities detected through one’s network and assignments,
  • Promote the Association, its approach and its Members within one’s own network,
  • Share one’s network with other Members,
  • Respect the confidentiality of information obtained, particularly about companies in which Amadeus Executives members work or have worked,
  • Comply with or enforce financial rules set at Association level.

June 2004