Who are we?

40 high-level managers

Amadeus Executives is an association of 40 high-level managers, created in 2002, sharing a common approach to Executive interim Management, as well as the same professional ethics. These 40 members are the core of Amadeus Executives, and are engaged in its management, recruitment and development.
It is a highly cohesive team, able to meet company needs at Board level (CEO, CFO, HR, COO, etc.)
In addition to the wide management experience and the high level of functional or operational expertise in different sectors, Amadeus Executives methodology offers:

  • Direct access to senior interim executives able to commit themselves to results.
  • Added value coming from shared experiences provided by each Amadeus Executives member.
  • Managers committed to straight talking, completely objective and focused on the success of the assignment, with no personal ambition within the client organization.

La formation en interim managementInternal and external input of experience enables Amadeus Executives to offer permanent training to its members.
Amadeus Executives organizes a continuous improvement process for its members.
Prior to starting an assignment, an Amadeus Executives member calls on a multidisciplinary support team bringing together the required skills.
Within 72 hours of your call, you will receive a selection of matching candidates.
Amadeus Executives’ experience ensures rapid integration into your organization and facilitates the acceptance of suggested solutions.

Co-opting Excellence

Amadeus Executives membership is a high-quality appointment process which takes into consideration the candidate’s professional experience and common shared values and ethics.

Une équipe d'interim management cooptéeThe team is limited to 40 executives, with only about 5% of candidates successful in joining.
In addition to possessing the highest professional qualifications, all members are operational managers and entrepreneurs. They are strong characters, motivated by challenges.
Result oriented with no interest in political games, they are often natural leaders and strong team players.

As complex situations might not easily be discussed internally, permanent managers tend to seek adaptable, top notch people to assess and provide rapid operational solutions. These people are open-minded and have no personal stakes in the client’s structure.
As a rule, senior interim executives are called in for complex emergency situations, management crises,…

Amadeus Executives Code Of Conduct

It defines the shared values and commitments of its members.

Discover our code of conduct

Amadeus-Executives Code Of Conduct