Diagnosis of companies

Amadeus-Executives has developed a unique offer of diagnosis, which, through its very operational approach, can prove to be more relevant than those offered, for example, by management consulting firms, especially for medium-sized companies.

Within a very short time (one or two weeks), it aims to provide a “Flash Analysis” of the strengths and weaknesses


  • Of a company’s specific activity, such as the efficiency of its Supply Chain, the relevance of its compensation system, the effectiveness of its sales organization or its information systems, … In these cases, the diagnosis is performed by an Amadeus-Executives member, expert in the field concerned.
  • Of an entire company. In this case, the audit is carried out by a team of several Amadeus-Executives members, each one acting within their area of expertise, but in a coordinated manner.

These diagnoses are designed to provide the client quickly with an Expert Opinion highlighting areas with appropriate levels of performance, as well as those in need of improvement, and enabling him to develop action plans, or, possibly, decide to go further in the analysis of a particular aspect.