Interim Management


Corporate life is strewn with obstacles, sometimes sudden, and in front of which we must react quickly :

  • The temporary unavailability or the sudden departure of a top executive
  • The need to turn around a business facing unforeseen difficulties
  • A crisis, be it operational social or market-related

Delicate temporary situations

The company faces an unusual circumstance with high stakes :

  • The sale of a subsidiary
  • An acquisition or a merger
  • A change in business model
  • An exit of the market (conversion or closing down)
  • A succession plan or a reorganization


Complex mission, high stakes, you need a profile to match …

  • Experienced, even qualified and bringing new ideas and practices
  • Capable of judgment and discernment
  • Action-oriented and fast-acting
  • Free thinking, with no history and no personal ambition in the company beyond the success of the mission
  • Having a set of additional functional and industry expertise he can rely on
  • A leader, capable of leading change
  • Able to be integrated immediately and to be operational quickly

…A Senior executive, expert in interim management


Management transition - Eviter les obstacles

Eviter les obstacles

Management transition - Colmater les fuites

Colmater les fuites

Management transition - Donner le cap

Donner le cap